October 2015

Board Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 10/5 Board Meeting

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball

Date: October 5, 2015

Time: 7:00-9:00

Place: Nashua Public Library- First Floor Theater


Attendees:, Scott Lobdell, Derek Thibeault, Tom Addonizio, Ashley McLuin, Jay Foss, Jason Novak, Ken Kozyra


Absent: David Deane, Gary Smith


  1. Call to Order 7:00
  2. Opening Remarks- Jason Novak
    1. Jason acknowledged our past president Darrel Barlow who has recently resigned and that we have eliminated the second VP position which we will have a committee to repurpose the position.
  3. Fall Ball- Ken
    1. Registration is up 15%
    2. Few schedule mishaps especially in Majors
    3. Was able to keep the games despite losing Murray for the season to the city
    4. Closing the season officially 10/17
    5. We had no step up this year but some of the kids did play Babe Ruth
    6. Jeff Kelly to collect equipment bags once the season is over
  4. Spring Ball- Ken
    1. Numbers down, just under 50 teams
    2. AAA/Majors was very competitive
    3. 12 games was not enough
    4. Brief All-Star Rundown
  5. Elections
    1. President- Derek Thibeault Unopposed(Unanimous)
      1. Derek was posed a couple questions from the public with regard to future of the league and his role in coaching majors teams next year.
    2. Secretary- Bob Bourgeois Unopposed(Unanimous)
    3. Field and City Liaison- Jason Novak Unopposed(Unanimous)
    4. Reelected all votes except one(VP-Ken Kozyra, Treasurer-Tom Addonizio, Registrar- Scott Lobdell, Media Director- Jay Foss, Player Development- Gary Smith, Purchasing Director- Ashley McLuin)
    5. Positions start 1/1/2016
  6. Open Items
    1. We will be looking at doing some coach debriefs during the winter
    2. Created a sub committee to repurpose Board Position, committee consists of Mark Frost, Ken Kozyra, and John Deck
    3. Created a sub committee to look at the surplus of money and figure out what to spend it on, committee consists of Tom Addonizio, Paul Metivier, Steve Drescher
    4. Jay mentioned he expects a smoother year with the website now that we have a year under our belt
  7. Adjourn 7:53

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