November 2015

Meeting Minutes 11/2 Board Meeting

UpdatedMonday January 18, 2016 byDerek Thibeault.

Meeting Minutes 11/2 Board Meeting

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball

Date: November 2, 2015

Time: 7:00-9:00

Place: Nashua Public Library- First Floor Theater


Attendees:, Ken Kozyra, Scott Lobdell, Derek Thibeault, Bob Bourgeois, Gary Smith, Ashley Mcluin, Jason Novak, Tom Addonizio

Absent: Jay Foss, David Deane


  1. Call to Order 7:00
  2. Finance Update- Tom
    1. The League has a greater balance than 2014
    2. There was extra fundraising
    3. There were lower expenses, not having the banquet decreased expenses by 20%
    4. We are on the positive side significantly
    5. Still outstanding for 2015 are some Hit-a-Thon prize expenses to M&N, Ashley and Tom to ensure that gets cleared up. Fall ball umpires paid this week. Everything else is current.
  3. Committees
    1. Finance- Paul Metivier, Steve Drescher, Tom Addonizio
      1. They presented a spreadsheet with their ideas and estimated costs. This was put forth as a plan to use the excess money the league has. There was an idea instead of building a scorers shed to perhaps move the one at Haines. Jason is getting quotes for roofs on dugouts. Jason will take the list to the city and see what we can get them to do before spending money on the list.
      2. Tom will price compare registration fees with other leagues to see how we want to price this year with the intent of growing the league.
      3. We discussed making sure we have a field clean up day in 2016.
    2. Board Position Committee- Ken Kozyra, John Deck, Mark Frost
      1. This committee was deciding what to make the extra board position, the options were another Player Development board position or a Fundraising Board position, the board voted to add the Fundraising position unanimously and by the same vote voted in Todd Holbrook to assume that position immediately.
  4. Closing the Season
    1. Jeff Kelly has worked on the sheds and return of the bags and will get an equipment inventory
    2. Nate Reel cleaned out Dube shed
    3. Todd will remove banners
    4. Still planning on doing some coach debriefs from the spring
  5. 2016 Prep
    1. Tryouts will be 3/25/2015 at NSA from 2pm-5pm
    2. Registration will be open earlier than last year.

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