April 2015

Board Meeting Minutes

UpdatedSaturday April 8, 2017 byJason Foss.

Meeting Minutes 4/6 Board Meeting

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball

Date: April 6, 2015

Time: 7:00-9:00

Place: Nashua Public Library- First Floor Theater

Attendees: Ken Kozyra, Scott Lobdell, Derek Thibeault, Darrel Barlow, Gary Smith,

Tom Addonizio, Ashley McLuin, Jay Foss

Absent: David Deane, Jason Novak


1. Call to Order 7:00


2. Registration- Scott

2.1. We are down in registration by about 100

2.2. One AAA and one Majors team was cut


3. Website Update- Jay

3.1. Intuitive Team Wall ap has been released

3.2. Texting/Messaging/Emails will be quick on the ap

3.3. Expect some bugs, reach out to Jay Foss if this occurs

3.4. The fields were submitted to Google so they will be easier to find

3.5. There is an import/export function for scheduling making easily editable even for

the coaches

3.6. Looking for additional Facebook admins, both Derek and Scott volunteered to

become admins. The goal is to update with resources, sharing events for

sponsors, positive moments from games


4. Finance Update- Tom

4.1. We are in good shape, better than last year, we still have the uniform bill to pay.

4.2. We have made $12,000 in sponsors

4.3. The Joe Thyne Scholarship has been utilized

4.4. A full financial report will be prepared for the next meeting following closure of



5. Minors Pitching and Stealing- All

5.1. Unanimous vote to allow stealing by mid season to be determined by the


5.2. Unanimous vote for kid pitch with coach pitch if needed

5.3. Scott would be updating the minors document and then we will have Jay post it

to the web


6. Uniforms/Equipment Update- Ashley/Darrel

6.1. Red Sox and Royals uniforms will be done by tomorrow for the Majors

6.2. Angels Hats should be green, they are getting corrected, the red ones will be

saved for Fall Ball

6.3. The rest of the uniforms are in and sorted, passing out AAA and Majors at draft

6.4. Equipment has been ordered, balls, 5 tees, 5 first aid kits, we have 10 batting box

templates made by the high school for free


7. Fundraisers- Darrel/Ashley

7.1. Silver Knights Cal Ripken Appreciation Night 7/23, they will recognize all-stars,

organize fundraisers during the game, food as well. We voted to save the night. It

would cost about $2500 but we can make a lot of that money back.

7.2. AAA and Majors, trophies for top two teams, pizza too

7.3. We talked about not doing awards.

7.4. Talked about doing a possible wiffle ball game 7/25 for graduating 12’s with

pizza and giving out sweatshirts(Ashley to reach out for sizes)

7.5. Picture Day 5/24, also same day as hit-a-thon for AAA and Majors, this may

conflict with AAU. Pictures will be mailed this year.

7.6. Still looking to do calendars, Ashley had a template, instead of making every day

monetary, we will add some gift cards and Spinners tickets.

7.7. Looking to do a Nashua Soup Kitchen Day on 5/24, possibly every can gets an

entry in the calendar raffle


8. Background Checks- Ken

8.1. Ken will talk to AAA and Majors coaches. Any new coach will need a

background check.


9. Opening Day- All

9.1. Ken working on schedules

9.2. No Opening Day Activities

9.3. AAA will play Friday nights at Jackson under the lights

9.4. Majors 12 game schedule

9.5. Tentative Field Clean Up Day 4/25

9.6. Looking to announce games at Dube and Murray, previously there were noise



10. President News- Darrel

10.1. Poland Spring donated 40 cases of water, 20 to Murray and 20 at Dube

10.2. Banners

10.2.1. Subzero gave us 200 coupons, we will give out to the lower levels