May 2015

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Meeting Minutes 5/4 Board Meeting

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball

Date: May 4, 2015

Time: 7:00-9:00

Place: Nashua Public Library- First Floor Theater

Attendees:, Scott Lobdell, Derek Thibeault, Darrel Barlow, Tom Addonizio, Ashley

McLuin, Jay Foss, Jason Novak

Absent: David Deane, Gary Smith, Ken Kozyra

1. Call to Order 7:00

2. Registration- Scott

2.1. Discussion on late registration, any new registrations for the levels below AAA

will be put on a waiting list in case a child drops out, AAA and Majors

registration is closed.

2.2. Next year the plan will be to go with lower team totals in the lower levels to

compensate for late registration.

2.3. Early registration for Fall Ball will be sent out as soon as the season is over. In

the August meeting we will determine how many levels we will have in Fall Ball

3. Finance- Tom

3.1. Approximately $20,000 in the account

3.2. About $13,000 in uniforms which is down from $16,500 last year

3.3. $12,125 in sponsors and donations this year

3.4. Umpire fees coming up, will run about $8,000-$9,000

3.5. All Stars

3.5.1. Hats are done

3.5.2. We will need $1,500 for practice jerseys and $2,150-$2,500 for

tournament fees

3.6. Overall we are in good standing financially but will need the fundraiser money.

4. Opening Weekend- Jason, Derek, Darrel

4.1. Umpire Discussion

4.1.1. Darrel to discuss with head umpire

4.2. We want to be conscious to not over make popcorn or hot dogs, the goal is to sell

it and to not have to give it away.

4.3. AAA games at Zapenas backed up over an hour. Ken will send an email to

coaches to reexplain time limits and starting on time, he will also look into

moving some games to give more time in-between games.

4.4. Darrel has thrown out an offer to Little League for a one game championship,

AAA on 6/17 and Majors on 6/18, waiting for a response from Little League

5. Website Update- Jay

5.1. Game recaps will be sent in newsletter format on Thursdays

5.2. Facebook advertising has ended

6. President News

6.1. Shed is up at Lincoln Park, electricity coming soon

6.2. Old Trailer will be picked up this week

6.3. Permits need to be renewed for Dube and Murray.